2017 Favorites

It’s been sooooo long! I’ve been probably the busiest ever with work, music and getting a bachelor’s degree in medicine. This means that I’m officially halfway to becoming a doctor.

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I’ve been wanting to make a favorites post for quite some time now, and now I feel is the right time. So here are all of the things I loved in 2017!  Continue reading


Entertainment for a Sick-day Part Deux

So, back in February was the last time, I stopped functioning properly and got sick, and I wrote this post on entertainment ideas.

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Two weeks ago I got sick again, but this time I found myself reaching for different stuff for entertainment purposes than last time. The last post focused a lot on stuff you can do while awake, as in if you’re down with a cold or something like that – this time around my main focus will be on stuff that’s easy to put down or shows you can fall asleep to without too much damage done when you wake up.


I got the stomach flu, and it was absolutely horrible. My mum actually drove to Odense to take me home, because I wasn’t able to keep any food in me, and she got really worried. Here’s the stuff that worked for me this time around, in somewhat of a chronological order based on from being very sick and non-functioning to becoming more and more clear and awake.

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Rough Night

The fact that I’ve been going so much to the movies lately, is what’s ruining my home economy. I know, it’s only once a month or so, but the tickets are like $15 and then there’s the inevitable sweets I have to bring every time, meaning I’m spending up to $22 every time.

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Thank God I was able to get a lot more shifts at work this summer, or I would probably have to give up on a streaming service or two. Continue reading

Baywatch the Movie

Yesterday I went to the movies with two of my friends to watch Baywatch. The truth is, we didn’t have many expectations, and to be honest, the ones we had, the movie lived up to. We just wanted to pay for Zac Efron without a top, and that was what we got.

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Baywatch is probably most renowned for people in bathing suits running in slow motion, but maybe also the over-the-top story lines that maybe lifeguards shouldn’t take care of.

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Three Months, Three Movies

Things have been slow on the blog lately, which is mostly because of my recent exams. I spent a lot of time studying and learning about the immune system, while also having to squeeze in half an hour rehearsals for this year’s Nationals in brass band, which is in three weeks.

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March, April and May were busy months, but I did get a few hours off to watch different movies at the theater this Spring. Here follows my latest ventures into the world of movies: Continue reading

The Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Last year I made my very own top 10 of the entries for Eurovision, and this year I’m doing the same. Lats year I had a small Eurovision party, but this year I watched by myself, because I’ve realized how horrible I am when watching this competition. I’m full of random facts and I comment on every little detail. This year I printed out ballot papers to be sure of my placing of the songs. For the second semi-final I even got eight out of ten countries right in who should go on to the final. Continue reading